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Transgenerational Healing

~ The Vo-Cal Experience ~


This special DISCOUNTED opportunity is available to the FIRST 8 PEOPLE

who take INSPIRED action and sign up BEFORE MAY 22nd, 2012.


Dear Friends on This Journey Called LIFE!


Become the Master Healer of Your Life!

  • Want to UNDERSTAND why you have PATTERNS in your life that keep you stuck?
  • Want to be less agitated and TRANSFORM THE STRESS in your life?
  • Want to FEEL your JOY?
  • Want to LIVE in a HEALTHIER BODY?
  • Want to GET ON TRACK with your DREAMS?

Want to LEARN about a REMARKABLE PROGRAM that will address all this and more!

 Hi!  Syndee Eartheart here! With Oooodles of Enthusiasm I Present a




Late last year I acquired a new, highly sophisticated and effective, healing modality.  It is now fully integrated into the spectrum of life-transforming services I offer.  It not only addresses your life’s challenges and issues on both the conscious and subconscious levels, but it also frees you energetically to be true to your life’s goals and dreams like never before.


It is called the Vo-Cal (short for Voice Calibration).  The Vo-Cal Healing Experience is a highly effective, non-invasive, and multi-sensory form of technology based therapy that allows you to identify and release both the subconscious and the ancestral roots of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that cause challenges in your life.


Utilizing this therapy presents a unique opportunity for you.  There are less than two dozen practitioners in the world trained in this form of healing.  And!  I am one of them here in southern Indiana.  I am thrilled to be able to share this healing opportunity with my community.


If you feel intrigued about this personal growth and healing opportunity, I invite you to devour this email and take inspired action and contact me immediately!  Don't allow your resistance to block this opportunity (again). 


My hope for you is that you TAKE ACTION to discover the key that fits the lock to unlocking the gateway to your emotional freedom and your dreams of living a fulfilling, extraordinary life.  After all, you have only one opportunity to live the life you are currently living!  Why not turn up the volume for joy and fulfillment?!


Don’t hesitate to contact me.  Together we can explore how the 

Vo-Cal will serve you!  To arrange for a free 20-minute phone consultation, Click Here to Email Syndee Now or call me at 812.333.Love/5683.  


I look forward to connecting and facilitating Healing and Joy in your life's journey.


Wishing You Blessings of

Vibrant Health and Radiant Happiness!

P.S.  If you wish to take advantage of this SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE OF VO-CAL SESSIONS at super discounted rates, you must act soon.  This offer extends to the first 8 people who say "Yes!" by May 22nd.



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Read on ... to learn about this unique and rare opportunity to heal the “roots” of what is holding you back in your life!


Why Many of Us Don’t Heal:  Over the years I have had the intimate honor of facilitating wellness and healing in the lives of countless others.  The constant and consistent theme I have discovered in my work is:  Unless we identify and energetically release our childhood (preconscious), in utero, and ancestral roots of our pain, there is a good chance we may stay stuck in our patterns of emotional, mental, and physical issues and dysfunction until our grave.  


Today the miracle is this:  There is a way to painlessly release the patterns of pain, negativity, or dysfunction that have enslaved us.  When we energetically release the old internalized beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that no longer serve us, we then have the ability to consciously "replace" those ineffectual ways with Joy, peace in our hearts and our bodies, and emotional freedom.  There is nothing that excites me more than to facilitate this in the lives of others!


The Vo-Cal Healing Experience is a Unique Healing Opportunity:  I am delighted to announce that I now offer an exciting and rare healing service:  The Vo-Cal (short for Voice Calibration).  This Total Healing Experience is changing lives!  It delivers relief, results, Joy, and new-found emotional FREEDOM.  Painlessly, quickly, and non-invasively.  It is a cutting edge therapy that simultaneously utilizes powerful biofeedback and a number of healing modalities (voice, light, sound, vibrations, magnetic fields, and a one-of-its-kind technology) to alter our brain waves and reprogramming our neurocircuits.


The Vo-Cal Healing Experience enables

the subconscious and the conscious,

the past and the present,

to meet and create

accelerated, dramatic, and lasting healing.


A 1-Time Offer:  While integrating this new service with my healing and counseling clients, its deep, lasting healing effectiveness has prompted me to create a Vo-Cal only private package experience.  I have decided to make a special introductory offer to the first 8 excited and eager people who sign up to be among the first beneficiaries of this service here in southern Indiana.  To be one of the 8, you need to sign up on or before Tuesday, May 22nd.  


Read on to learn more about the effectiveness of this healing modality, the details of this opportunity, and how it may serve you, your life's purpose, and your dreams!


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Seeking, Seeking, Seeking Results!  As a mother, sister, daughter, seeker of peace and Lover of this planet and humanity, and as specialist in the fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, the biggest quest I have had in my professional life has been:



simple, non-invasive, and effective

techniques, tools, and technologies

that have the ability to radically transform and catapult

people through their pain, stuckedness, or constriction

 into vibrant health, emotional freedom,

mental clarity, and Spiritual fulfillment.


Discovering this Vo-Cal technology and now being able to share it with you as a trained as a Vo-Cal practitioner is a dream come true for me!


Why I Became a Certified Vo-Cal Practitioner Over the years of working with amazing people who have struggled with a whole myriad of emotional, mental, and physical challenges, I have become passionate about GETTING TO THE ROOT CAUSES of the issues, challenges, pain, and/or dysfunction a client presents to me.  This is critical if we are to experience lasting change!


For years I have been an expert in effective and simple "body" technologies that are literally just a breath or a thought away and are at our fingertips!  However, often times:


1) We don’t have the discipline or the focus; the ability, the belief, or the desire; or the know-how of employing these effective simple techniques to create change and internal harmony in our day-to-day lives; or


2) We have tried many of the “therapies out there,” but we find they don't provide the relief we are truly seeking.


Whether you fit into category 1 or 2 above, I believe what is really holding you back in your life is unidentified and buried preconscious (first 7 years of your life), in utero, or transgenerational pain you hold in your body, your subconscious mind, and/or your energetic fields.  


Perhaps, if you are reading this, there is another round of healing knocking at your door and you are ready (so ready!) to try something different.


The above paragraphs are what have led me to invest a great amount of resources in the Vo-Cal technology and training.  It is a painless and effective way to transform the things that have been buried in our energetic closets, those things that are controlling our lives in displeasing ways.  


In all of my extensive study and research, the Vo-Cal system brings together the very best of technology, science, energy, and true deep, and healing modalities.  All of these things together equate lasting healing.


I feel deeply privileged to be one of the few certified Vo-Cal practitioners in the world, and the only one in the Midwest.  I was trained by Calvin Young, the inventor of this patented emotional genealogy system that identifies and unlocks emotional traumas and generational patterns from the brain and body by utilizing a sophisticated voice technology, along with multiple energetic techniques that work together simultaneously to re-pattern the brain.

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About Calvin Young, the Vo-Cal Inventor:  Calvin Young is trained as an engineer.  For years he worked inventing, designing, building, and implementing his creations while focusing on $30 million projects in the aerospace industry.  Then one day he walked away from it all and decided to be true to his real life's purpose:  devoting his skills, knowledge, and expertise to inventions that would “make a difference” in people’s lives.  That is exactly what he has done!  And with passion!


Calvin is not the first to work with voice technology and voice mapping, but his inventions have taken healing to a whole new level.  Other voice therapists using other voice technologies have experienced good results, but found the effects to wear off in time.  The results with the Vo-Cal are solid and permanent.  The difference?  Calvin, along with others, has found and verified that we inherit more than our blue eyes from our parents!  We inherit emotional issues from our ancestors on a subconscious level


Traumas or intense emotional imprints that manifest in the frequencies of our voice actually precede our own live experiences and come from our ancestors!  By clearing the frequencies in our voice that are connected to our genealogical blueprints that don’t serve us, we are able to free ourselves from the embedded subconscious patterns that have kept us stuck in pain or dysfunctional behavior.  


This multi-dimensional biofeedback system Calvin has developed using technology along with light, sound, vibrations, and a powerful magnetic field to change our brainwaves, exists no where else.  The results practitioners achieve with clients utilizing the Vo-Cal are stunning.


Why Your Voice Holds the Key to Unlocking Your Issues:  In the process of inventing this healing modality Calvin cataloged which frequencies in our voices coincide with which emotional states.  He used that data in conjunction with powerful biofeedback techniques to pinpoint, process, and release traumas from our bodies.  It took Calvin 8 years to develop and perfect this technology!  Today the Vo-Cal provides a way for us to literally REMAP OUR BRAINS.  This results in you having the ability to transform the harmful impact that your subconscious memories and imprints have on your life today.


The voice pattern is captured in a voice map.  This voice map reflects the grand total physiology and emotional condition of a person.  The voice does not lie!  (Remember!  The lie detector has been used for years.)  This "voice pictograph" contains coded information about the state of our health our minds, energy, emotions, and bodies.  You, too, know instinctively that your voice communicates so much more than what it is saying!  For instance, even when you hear a stranger’s voice for a few brief seconds over the phone, you can tell if that person is happy, peaceful, sad, distressed, angry, sick, young, or old.


Indeed, we all possess a unique, one-of-a-kind voice and therefore, voice pattern.  Literally, our voices tell the stories of not only our lives, but the lives of those who have come before us, especially our parents and grandparents.  Each of our voices contains coded information about our mental, emotional, and physical health, and our transgenerational patterns called miasms.  These miasms are those conditions passed down through your parents and grandparents.  These conditions can be unlocked through the Vo-Cal process which results in liberating you of your genetic emotional dispositions.  A few examples of emotional pain that the Vo-Cal frequently releases includes depression, anger, resentment, prejudice, hoarding, phobias, addictions, etc.  


Why is the voice such an accurate mirror of our lives AND the lives of our ancestors and their experiences?  This is because our voice “production” is actually a rather complex process, one that you have probably never thought about!  Every time you use and have ever used your voice to utter any sound, all of your organs and muscles are actively involved or energetically affected in some way.  Your voice is always the product of, or is connected in some way, to this full body, multi-level vibration.  You have inherited the "emotional DNA" of your ancestors and the Vo-Cal demonstrates that this ancestral emotional DNA is encoded in YOUR voice!

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Issues and Conditions from which the Vo-Cal Provides Relief:  In the short time I have used the Vo-Cal my clients have reported the following:
  • diminished anxiety and calming of the nerves
  • mood stabilization
  • greatly improved self-esteem and confidence
  • improved recall and memory
  • shifting of old perceptions
  • better communication with family and friends
  • the rapid healing of PTSD
  • less pain from chronic illness
  • improved concentration
  • increased motivation
  • making clearer or long-overdue decisions
  • sports and music performance enhancement
  • grief healing. 


Description of a Session with the Vo-Cal During your Vo-Cal session you talk into a microphone for a brief period of time (generally around 30 seconds) in order to create a voice print reflecting different ancestors or issues in your life.  You will see how each of your voice prints “maps out” the characteristics you inherited from each of your ancestors.  Most clients are awe-struck when they see the patterns emerge.  It is an“it-all-makes-sense” kind of feeling that emerges!



Each session is 2 hours in length.  You will alternate between: Step 1 -- Talking into the microphone to create a “voice map” and Step 2 -- Sitting in the Vo-Cal chair where you will relax and settle into a multi-sensory experience.  While sitting in this energy-shifting chair, your conscious and subconscious minds come together to understand and unlock the emotional charges that have held you prisoner in your life.  Through the combination of sounds, lights, vibrations, and magnets, along with your focused thoughts and feelings, the Vo-Cal unlocks the synapses in the brain that have previously held patterns of pain and belief systems that do not serve you -- those that were established in your childhood and/or in the lives of your ancestors.


There is no physical discomfort.  You will simply sit back, relax, and focus your thoughts on the issue being addressed.  You will be encouraged to feel the feelings behind your thoughts.  The effects AND THE RESULTS simply have to be experienced.


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My Offer and Your Investment 


This is a one-time investment that will last lifetimes -- your lifetime AND your children’s lifetimes because the healing you do for yourself you do for them also!  My regular fee for this specialized form of therapy is  $ 247 per session. (Packages can be purchased for less.)


However, the fee right now is

only $ 175 per session

for the first 8 people

who spring forth

before May 22nd

to participate in this

highly discounted SPECIAL offer.  


In order to participate in this offer, payment for the first 4 sessions needs to be paid up front. (If needed, this can be re-negotiated.)


My sincere desire is to not deny

anyone of this experience who desires it,

and to price it as affordable as I can.

If the specified above amount presents

too big of a financial challenge for you and

you have a strong desire to participate in this

Vo-Cal Healing Experience,

please contact me regarding other options.


Timeline of Sessions You need complete all your sessions by October 1st, 2012. 


Click Here to Email Syndee Now

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Or Call 812.333.Love/5683


Special Bonus:  This special spring offer also includes a 50-minute Vortex Healing Session* each time you do a Vo-Cal session.  The value of this service is $ 90, for a total bonus value of $ 720 - $ 1080.



* Vortex Healing Session involves the utilization of another astounding invention by Calvin Young in the form of another chair: The Vortex, a NASA-driven technology.  Where Vo-Cal is the trump card and the triumph of emotional healing, the Vortex is its counterpart in the arena of physical healing and the healing of the brain by using opposing magnetic fields while spinning to stimulate the brain.  It is especially effective in releasing physical traumas and recovering from any current or previous brain trauma, the formation of new neural pathways, improving memory (for instance, improving people’s memory with Alzheimer’s), depression, ADD, overcoming addictions, anxiety, helps manage Parkinson’s tremors, and much more.  Spinning is like a deep tissue brain massage -- it nurtures your brain like nothing else out there and it creates a deep feeling of peace and relaxation.  You simply lay back, close your eyes, and In-Joy the ride!


Long Distance Sessions are Not Available To participate in this special technology based therapy you must travel to my office in Bloomington, Indiana, unlike many of my other healing and counseling services which can be done over the phone or long distance.


Length of a Session:  The first session is 3½ hours in length.  Each subsequent session will last anywhere from 1-3 hours (including the additional bonus service offered with this special).


Number of Sessions Required:  As is true for anything important, this form of therapy requires a commitment.  This special offer specifically targets your Transgenerational Healing.  One, sometimes two, possibly three, sessions will be necessary for each parent, grandparent, and spouse.  Most people need 8-12 sessions to heal their Transgenerational Patterns.


Here's to YOUR Life's Journey!

May You Experience an AbunDANCE of



... Would Love to hear from YOU ...


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Disclaimer:   While I and other Vo-Cal practitioners have experienced promising and impressive results in working with clients, please know there is no absolute guarantee that your issues will be resolved.  The protocol for this program is completely non-invasive, non-medical, and is 100% complimentary to any medication or form of therapy a client is utilizing.  No information in this email is meant to recommend any health treatment, stop any treatment, or offer medical advice. I am not a licensed medical doctor or a licensed psychotherapist, and in no way am I associated with any medical profession. Furthermore I am not licensed in any profession in the state of Indiana or any other state.  I am a healing guide, a wellness counselor, coach, and a Loving heart and compassionate, vociferous cheerleader with extensive training and numerous certifications in breath, meridian, and other energy therapies.  It is also important to know that the Vo-Cal is not a medical device or procedure, and there is no intention or suggestion to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition. Consult your doctor or health care professional for any health issues.  I offer a Happiness Guarantee: If after 2 sessions you are not completely satisfied with your experience, I will happily refund your money.





Vo-Cal Praise from Medical Professionals:


"This is like 20 years of psychotherapy reduced to a few hours!" 

      Dr. Deborah A. Drake, M.D.


"I recently came across one of the most sensational developments in healing I've ever encountered. It's called The VO-CAL. There is, nothing like it on planet of the first major healing advances of the new millennium!  Get on this machine and DO IT! You'll be glad you did!"

      Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby,

              M.D., M.B ChB, PhD


"...advances the art of emotional unprecedented levels!"

      Dr. Gene Hummel, N.D.


Here is what a few Happy Campers have had to say about their Vo-Cal Healing Experience:


"Last week I completed my transgenerational healings with Syndee using the Vo-Cal.  I have experienced big shifts that I don't understand. I guess I don't need to!  After 3 months of doing these treatments my life is totally different.  I am no longer a slave to my past and to those "unknown" things that used to control me.  I feel free and grateful!"

      Rebecca T.


"I have only completed three sessions utilizing Syndee's new equipment.  I have to say I would have never known the simple act of picking up a flyer of her's at Bloomingfoods would lead me here.  I am back in the driver's seat of my life.  I can't describe the enormous relief I feel from the anxiety in my life.  I also can't imagine what my life will be (and what it WON'T be) when I finish this process.  This technology rocks (and spins)!  Love it!"

      Teresa Henderson


"I do not understand what Syndee Eartheart's sessions with the chairs, lights, music, magnets and vibration are doing to me but I like it.  She thought this would help me and it is.  I am about halfway through the process and I enjoy it a lot.  No more drugs for me when I can heal doing this.  I recommend it and I honestly feel better than I have for years."

      Sam Chandler


"It wasn't that I was miserable before the voice remapping, it is just that I didn't know how much better I could be, how much happier I could become.  It is just something I believe everyone owes to themselves: the gift of emotional well being."

      Todd Waters





Says This:


"Consider Vo-Cal therapy

an investment that yields

happiness and healing

dividends that will last

your entire lifetime!"



First Step


You will create a Voice Map by speaking into the microphone

while talking about a

specific person or issue 

for a brief 30 seconds.



The recorded Voice Map

will look similar to what

you see below.  

The colors will tell

us the areas in which

you are stressed,

as well as the level of stress

you are experiencing.



Second Step
You receive biofeedback while
relaxing comfortably in
this special Vo-Cal Chair.
You will sit in a powerful
magnetic field with
two transducers that create
vibrations to stimulate
your energy pathways.
You will also be wearing a
headset with magnets and
special glasses with
light frames that
images your brain waves.
Third Step
You will repeat the
first and second steps
as many times as you need to
until you energetically
release the stress pattern
revealed in your Voice Map.
Fourth Step
Your Voice Map will indicate
when you have released
the stress pattern.  
This is a moment of
peace, gratitude, and smiles.
Fifth Step
In your bones you will feel
the knowing that this
Vo-Cal Healing Experience
 has profoundly honored
you and your ancestors and
all that you have come
to this Earth School
to be, do, and understand.
You Will
New Peace
New Trust
In the World
New Joy
And Even
More Joy!
And ...
 ... fill in the blanks!