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For years I have suffered from
self-doubt, countless fears, and physical ailments from A-Z
including migraine
headaches and being more than 50 lbs overweight.
I'd been through the doors of dozens of specialists, doctors, and therapists.
That's the past.
Syndee and her love, talent, and
belief in me changed all that.
Now I’m a new ‘ME!’ who has discovered joy, purpose, inspiration, AND health!”

- Marcia C.
Greenwood, Indiana


“Syndee Eartheart
is a Master Healer and Counselor.

She is wise, resourceful, skilled, and amazing. Her work and devotion to me has touched, moved, transformed, and changed me forever.”
- Amanda P.
Bloomington, Indiana

Announcing a Special Opportunity

New Life-Transforming Service Available at
My Healing and Counseling Center:

Transgenerational Healing

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YOUR Birth Right Is Health and Happiness.
Problems almost never take care of themselves.
But YOU can take action to change your life now!

Hello! and Welcome!

“Enthusiasm” barely describes
what I believe about the healing potential
of the human body, heart, and Spirit.  
Every step we take in this journey called “Life”
is an opportunity for Love and transformational healing!

However, sometimes in order to
find our way Home to who we really are
~ the “me” with unlimited brilliance, potential, and energy ~
we need the experience, skill, and expertise,
as well as the Loving support, wise counsel,
and entrusted hand of another who
has previously traversed similar terrain and valleys
and knows the way Home.
(…And has a really good flashlight!!!)

Thank you for intentionally scrolling or mysteriously strolling
into my life via your computer!
I invite you to peruse my website. 
And …  If a quiet or a vociferous voice says
“Contact Her”
I encourage you to do just that!

Facilitating Health, Healing, and Happiness
From the Inside Out Is My Expertise.

I welcome ANY physical, emotional, or spiritual issue.

I look forward to hearing from YOU. 

Email Me or Call Me at 812.333.Love

Blessings of Love and Radiant Health
To You on Your Healing Journey,

Syndee L’ome Eartheart
Founder, Healing Happens Here
Founder, The Loving Heart Healing and Counseling Center

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