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Syndee is a lightning bolt of energy, love, and deep, safe connection. Her work as a therapist is penetrating. Honestly, after having had been in ‘traditional therapy’ for years, she was the one who was able to finally facilitate the wondrous healing I have been seeking my entire adult life. She has been the one to hold up to me a mirror of my beauty and brilliance so that I could --finally-- see, feel, and know it!!
- Nancy G.
Carmel, Indiana

Syndee Eartheart is the most experienced healer/therapist I have ever known. She goes to the jugular of one’s life in the most heartfelt, holistic, and healing of ways. I recommend her gifts and skills to anyone in emotional, spiritual, or physical need. She’s the best “life insurance and health insurance policies” you’ll ever find!
- Richie C.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Syndee’s counseling, facilitating, and healing skills are exceptional and extraordinary. 
In just a few sessions, her ‘loving heart’ has touched and
transformed mine forever.
 - Larry R.
Bedford, Indiana


My Healing Philosophy

Our Bodies Do NOT Make Mistakes

When you experience symptoms, pain, or an illness,
your body is trying to communicate that
something is out of balance.
When you treat the symptom and
don’t deal with the root problem,
the symptom seems either untreatable or
returns in another form.

For people with chronic illness/pain, I consistently find that
problems stem from unresolved emotional issues,
sometimes buried in the subconscious,
and from destructive lifestyle choices.
When you address the primal issue behind the pain or
behavior, you can experience relief from physical pain
or mental anguish and live an extraordinary life.

My Healing Intention

My healing intention with each client is to facilitate
the discovery of the root causes of emotional and physical pain.

Once that is known and understood it can be released. 
Then peace and health can be restored.


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