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I have known Syndee Eartheart for
years as a friend.  She has extraordinary abilities and committed to creating
and facilitating Love, growth,
and transformation on this planet.
She creates miracles and
mindfulness where ever she walks
and with whomever she touches.
John Seed

Through Syndee's women's circles
and her counseling and healing abilities,
I was able to heal the wounds in my life,
pour love back into my heart, 
see my own beauty,
and trust my heart again.
She is a treasure to this community.
                                                            - Shawn L.

To be with Syndee is to learn
to be at peace with yourself –
because she helps us be at
peace with the world, with the Earth,
with each other. 
Unselfish love is the ultimate therapy.
Syndee has its gift, and gives it.

- David K.
Bloomington, Indiana

Syndee’s skill at facilitating
people’s reconnection with their
inner spirits and life’s purpose, each other, and the Earth’s wisdom
has been one of the biggest
blessings in my life.
- Bernadette D.
Bloomington, Indiana

This page is currently undergoing edits!
It should be back up within a few weeks.
In the meantime, if you have any ?’s
Please don’t hesitate to Email me (syndee@healinghappenshere.com)
call me at 812.333.Love.

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