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Hearthoughts from Clients

 “Wow! Who could believe how a simple thing like EFT could change a life so completely? Now I’m living proof it can!
Eternal thanks Syndee, my mentor and teacher!”
Robert R.
Gainesville, Florida

 “The EVOX saved my life!
I am finally free of my sad and traumatic past.
It is truly a miracle to now live with emotional freedom
and authentic smiles in my daily life.”
Sally P.
Zionsville, IN

“I’ve heard it said, ‘Syndee is a can opener of LOVE.’
That is an undisputable fact.
Put that together with her skills as a therapist
and you’ve got a recipe for sure healing!”

Bloomington, Indiana

I have known Syndee for a long, long time. 
She is a friend, a teacher, an inspiration and one of the most loving, courageous, generous, and compassionate people I have ever known.   
She integrates spirit into everyday life and awakens the heart of compassion
in others whose lives she touches.

Andy M.
Paoli, Indiana

It is over a decade later and I am still praising Syndee for her skill in facilitating transformational and lasting changes in my life through her compassionate,
wise counseling and the breathwork she teaches. I did a workshop with her in the early '90s and honestly believe that marked the beginning of me claiming the life I truly desire.  And I have done it ever since!

Sara Stieger
Boston, Massachusetts

Two years ago I was living in a world of depression, dysfunction, and unresolved pain from my past.  A miracle led me to Syndee Eartheart and her gentle but powerful and skillful counseling.  She also convened a series of Healing Circles for me.  Her work is like magic, but yet so real, so grounding.  I am now on the path to living the life I want -- one of love and balance.
Anna K.
Franklin, Indiana

Syndee’s brilliance, her commitment to humanity, her honesty and her loving presence is felt in everything she does.
Janeice J.
Bloomington, Indiana

Syndee’s work and Love opens my heart
and grounds me in my deep, still center.

Lisa Marie N.
Bloomington, Indiana