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I was intimidated by personal
growth work and my judgment that it was only for ‘sick’ people which I was not. One session with Syndee healed me forever of that negative viewpoint. She taught me that personal growth is for everyone, that it is based in self-love and that it is fun, inspirational, and rewarding.”
- Bob B.
Carmel, Indianaa

Syndee is a channel for love in our world like no other.  Her ability to touch people’s spirit and open up in them a transformation of their lives is nothing less than miraculous. 
I recommend her as a counselor to anyone who desires to live
their full potential.
- Bret E.
Bloomington, Indiana

I have never known an all-around healer like Syndee Eartheart.  Her hands are magic (my chronic neck and shoulder pain is GONE), her intuition comes from angelic realms (she has literally guided me through an obstacle course of chaos in my life), and her heart’s way of connecting with others is unparalleled (never have I witnessed anybody who truly loves
everybodylike her).
- Cathy P.

Bloomington, Indiana
For nearly a year I had the honor of experiencing Syndee Eartheart’s healing work at The Loving Heart.  She is an amazing, empathetic, gifted woman who has invaluably helped many of us in our community. Her 1-on-1 counseling provides a safe, non-judgmental, loving space where people can journey into the deepest places of their minds and souls to better understand their lives.  I believe her ability to facilitate healing is absolutely unparalleled.
Kimberly B.
Morgan County, Indiana







Syndee's Healing Services

Syndee is a Specialist in the Following Services:
|TeleCounseling, Coaching, and Mentoring|
|MTT: EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Etc.|
|In-Person Sessions | Healing Intensives|
|The Evox | LSA Pro and Asyra Pro |
Other Services|

Depending on your needs and desires
the healing services and technologies I offer
can be used independently or
in a comprehensive approach to healing.
Most services are available via tele/video conferencing
from anywhere in the world.

*Important Note
I am not a psychotherapist and I am not a medical doctor.
I do not treat nor do I diagnose any physical or psychological condition.
What I “treat” is pain, frustration, and hopelessness.
What I “offer” is Love, healing, compassion, and a new vision.


TeleServices Counseling, Coaching, and Mentoring
…available from anywhere in the world…
Offered for an array of emotional, physical, and spiritual
issues, challenges, and dreams.

~ TeleServices: Counseling and Coaching ~
Unity and Connection
One of the many aspects of my work which I so Love, is the unity and the connection I feel with my clients.  Here’s my promise:  Whether you are sitting here with me in one of my offices or talking on the phone with me from somewhere halfway around the world, you will feel connected to your healing or mentoring process
and to me as your guide.

Because of clear telecommunications and multiple options, it is possible for us to work together regardless of where you are in the world.  Over half of my
one-on-one work is done over the phone with people on several different continents! I have worked with “tele” clients for years, and the effectiveness of the techniques I use are not minimized in any way.  It is a highly effective way to receive professional support.  Oftentimes, phone sessions offer greater flexibility, as it is easier to fit TeleCounseling into busy lives. Plus, you have the simplicity, pleasure, and convenience of staying in your own home, getting comfy, putting your feet up, and avoiding the time and expense of travel! You can then immediately “get on with your day” the minute your session is over.

~ TeleServices: Counseling and Coaching ~
A Wonderful and a Very Focused
Way of
Working Together!
Many healing modalities are effective over the phone, especially MTT techniques such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, TAT, and other Breath and energy techniques, etc.  You will find that you will achieve excellent results and you will feel supported.  As if we were face to face, we will be in a bubble of energy together!

~ TeleServices: Counseling and Coaching ~
What You Will Need and
What to Expect for Your TeleSession
If possible, it is helpful to use a headset or a speaker phone for your session. 
(If it isn’t possible don’t be concerned.)  It is most important that you be in a quiet, comfortable, private, and distraction-free place for our meeting.  I also ask that you have a large glass of water close by as well as paper and pencil.

            If you live in the continental U.S., I will call you so you incur no cost for the long distance call.  I will call you within 10 minutes of our agreed upon time.

~ TeleServices: Counseling and Coaching ~
The Many Compelling Reasons about
Why Syndee’s Clients Rave about their TeleSessions

  • It’s easy and convenient.  (Even clients who live in my home town of Bloomington prefer phone sessions!)
  • There is more flexibility in scheduling sessions.
  • For some people, it is easier to talk about certain private, sensitive issues.
  • Many people say TeleSessions often improve focus and concentration
    for them in the session.
  • Clients have the feeling of a special private atmosphere as there are no
    in-person distractions.
  • Clients experience a special and very focused personal rapport with me.
  • Many clients have reported that “doing the work” with me while they are
    “at home” helps them to integrate “the work” (i.e., what was learned)
    into their life at home.

    ~ TeleServicers: Mentoring ~
    If Your Desire is to Become Skilled
    at Helping Others

    Many of my clients today are individuals who have successfully applied EFT and other Tapping Techniques to their lives.  They may be  in the process of climbing out of a severe depression or experiencing healing around some chronic problem in their life or in awe of what it has done for their husband or wife or children or mother or father or stranger on the street ...  They are so ENTHUSIASTIC about the process and the possibilities of meridian tapping that they want to become a Tapping Technique specialist themselves.

And, of course, for anyone wishing to pursue this work professionally, it is an absolute MUST that you do your own personal healing work and work with a practitioner. This group of mentees comprises the largest group to which I mentor.

            So … beware … diving into these meridian therapies could change your life
in more ways than one!


Meridian Tapping Therapies
See www.MeridianTappingTherapies.com

Please Note: MTT is the umbrella name
for many energetic techniques,
most of which I am trained in and use.   

Syndee is a Certified MTT Practitioner

Every Day I Give Great Thanks for the Opportunity
To Share “Tapping Techniques” with My World

Tapping on certain body meridian points is an extraordinary way to address physical and emotion pain, and it does not involve the use of any equipment nor is it a complicated procedure.  It’s stunningly simple and astoundingly empowering. Tapping Techniques are EASILY learned and WILL contribute to your emotional and physical well-being. 

Most of the Tapping Techniques I have learned (and there are several I have developed myself) can be easily learned over the phone or in a one-on-one session.  Typically, they can be self-administered after only an hour or two of counseling, coaching, or mentoring.

If you have curiosity, intrigue, desire, or passion to understand the unlimited potential of the human heart and body to heal and/or if you possess a yearning in your heart for personal and planetary healing, please read on …

Just A Few of the Tapping Techniques Syndee
Teaches and Recommends to Her Clients

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Matrix Reimprinting (MR)
Tapas Tapping Technique (TAT)

Please read on for a description of each of the above …

But First!
Getting Over the “Tapping! It’s-Too-Weird!!” Hurdle

For years I was a “talk” counselor.  I also would teach my clients a number of energy and breath techniques that would greatly assist people in dealing with their challenges. 


… I discovered EFT and a plethora of other related meridian/“energy” modalities.  The speed by which people healed their emotional challenges, childhood issues, traumatic life experiences, and physical pain accelerated beyond what I could intellectually grasp! 

I have been exploring, studying, practicing, perfecting, discovering, and developing techniques ever since.  Truly, for someone in the Healing Arts as myself, every day I feel like a kid in an ever-expansive candy store that has hundreds, perhaps thousands, of isles of goodies!  Hopefully, my over-the-top enthusiasm will tweak your curiosity!

Maybe half of the people who find their way to me on-line discover me because of my EFT expertise: they are specifically seeking me out because they need an EFT or MTT practitioner or mentor.  The other half of my clients are drawn to me for other reasons.  If you fit into this latter category, I encourage you to give EFT and other Tapping Therapies a try, even if you are unable to dismiss the “it’s too weird” notion.  Until you learn about the energy of the body, how these techniques work will seem odd or quirky!  But … the proof is in the puddin’!  It works.  It has given millions and millions of experiences of relief to people world-wide. 

Meridian tapping is SOOOO important that I encourage my clients to always make a point of doing (even subtle) tapping ANYTIME we experience or acknowledge something that is or was even the least bit upsetting.  Miracles happen.

Chronic Illness and Chronic Issues
As for more serious or chronic issues: TO HEAL AND TO EXPERIENCE A BREAK THOUGH IF YOU HAVE A CHRONIC CONDITION REQUIRES PERSISTENCE AND PATIENCE.  Usually a skilled practitioner is needed to address all of the buried aspects of the problem.  Generally by the time a problem is diagnosed or “chronic” there are many “layers of the onion” that must be peeled away to get to the root cause(s) of the illness or emotional conditional.

If you would like assistance confronting
your issues or any chronic emotional or physical challenge
please be in touch with me!


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Syndee is an Official Gary Craig Certified EFT Practitioner

Here I must acknowledge my forever gratefulness to Gary Craig.
Gary is the person who not only developed EFT,
but who also TIRELESSLY and GENEROUSLY for 2 decades
dedicated his life to sharing EFT with the world.
I have been blessed to have had the opportunity
to meet him, share time with him, and know his heart.
He has deeply and profoundly touched my life.
He has now retired to pursue other wonderful endeavors.
~~ Blessings upon Blessings to You, Gary! ~~

So … it is now the my duty, as one of his hatchlings,
to carry his work onward and upward.

Learn about EFT!  Please Read On….

Most People are Awed at
How Simple, Silly, and Effective EFT Is!

I have shared EFT with thousands of people in my private practice, workshops, and in unpredictable places such as airplanes, the line at the bank, my son’s school, isles in grocery stores, the gas pump, restaurants, the soccer field, and too many other places to remember or name!  It goes with me everywhere every moment of my life!  Today I am one of fewer than 150 Official Gary Craig Certified EFT Practitioners in the world.

If you decide to pursue any kind of work with me
you can be sure that you will receive
guidance and training.

Soooo … What is EFT?

EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture (without needles) that energetically reprograms your body. Because emotional stress contributes to pain, disease and physical ailments, EFT often provides astonishing physical relief.  When performed effectively, EFT frequently reduces the therapeutic process from years to months or weeks or even hours or minutes.

Click Here is Take
Syndee’s EFT QuickieQuorce

If you liked or if you were intrigued with my EFT QuickieQuorce  I encourage you to download the EFT Manual, authored by Gary Craig and read it from cover to cover.  It is a quick read and will give you a SKILL FOR LIFE!!  Once you have learned EFT you will be a healer of yourself and of the larger world!

Click Here to Download
Gary Craig’s Original EFT Manual

EFT Opportunities With Syndee
Many people who contact me from this website are interested in counseling and utilizing EFT effectively.  I am happy to assist you with your healing goals.  Or … If your desire is simply to learn EFT I can help you become confident and proficient in administering this healing tool on yourself, your children, your family, your friends, or your clients. 

For more information about
EFT Healing Opportunities:
Email me or phone 812.333.5683

Also, Click here to learn about
Syndee’s EFT and Other Healing Workshops


Matrix Reimprinting
See www.MatrixReimprinting.com

Syndee is a Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

For those of you who are familiar with Gary Craig, you most likely know that 10 years ago he said, “EFT is but the ground floor of a new healing high rise.”  Matrix Reimprinting uses the ground floor of EFT, but builds on it.  This technique catapults healing into a new dimension.

Most people who learn EFT are awed at
how simple it is to learn and how effective it is.

EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture (without needles) that energetically reprograms your body. Because emotional stress contributes to pain, disease and physical ailments, EFT often provides astonishing physical relief.  When performed effectively, EFT frequently reduces the therapeutic process from years to months or weeks or even hours or minutes.


In-Person One-On-One Sessions

If your preference is to do sessions in person,
I welcome that!

Offices in Bloomington, IN; Zionsville, IN; and Gainesville, FL.

If you are able to travel to me and see me in person in one of my offices, you could also take advantage of some of the healing technologies, therapies and techniques I offer. To learn more, click on any of the following healing tools which include:

The LSA Pro and The Asyra
Laser and Infared Detox Therapies
Vibrational Therapy with the Crystal Singing Bowls


Healing Intensives

A Wonderful Way to:
Jump Start Your Healing Process
Go Deep Fast
To Finally Punctuate Old Issues
To Bring a LovedOne and Heal Your Relationship
… to dump out some stinky trash bags and
create some good smelling compost …

A few years ago, several clients of mine over the course of a few months -- all of whom were independent of each other; 2 were local and the others several hundred miles away -- all wondered what it would be like to do a “healing retreat” with me.  Although they of them appeared to be benefitting and making significant healing progress in their weekly TeleSessions, they each expressed an interest in more intensive one-on-one work with me.  I agreed.  One woman came for half a day.  Another gentleman came for a whole day.  Another woman and then a mother and daughter came for a whole weekend.

I, and my clients, found this to be a great way of taking the healing process up several notches.  It is exhausting, but exhilarating work.  The feedback on these healing retreats is phenomenal.

Here are the Healing Intensives I Now Offer:

(Pairs or Triads In Any Combination)

Individuals Committed to Clear Healing Goals
(Emotional or Physical)

Please Note:  Due to my schedule,
Healing Intensives need to be scheduled months in advance.

A Few Details about Healing Intensives:

  • You will need to travel to Bloomington, Indiana.
  • There are simple, comfortable, and/or fancy hotels a few miles from my office.
  • I will feed you a sumptuously delicious organic vegan lunch and snacks (as well as dinner if we plan for evening work to be included).
  • You will be nurtured.
  •  You will leave with a deep and profound “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” and your life will be peacefully altered.


Advanced Voice RePatterning Technology
…finding the root cause of your pain…

Everyone suffers from one common ailment:
Emotional Baggage

Like an iceberg, much of your emotional dysfunction exists below your conscious awarenesss.  It is hidden away in your subconscious self and it drives you into dysfunctional thought patterns or impulsive actions that are not in your best interest.

Past unresolved or traumatic experiences that exist under the surface steal vast amounts of your life force, leaving you feeling fearful,  hurt, angry, incomplete, or exhausted.

The EVOX by Zyto Corporation addresses your emotional well-being in all areas of your life, conscious and subconscious. It has been found to be an extremely effective non-invasive way to “reboot” and “repattern” your mind for a fresh, inspirational new chapter of your life.

The EVOX is a sophisticated bio-communication instrument that listens to the subtle qualities of your spoken voice. Encoded in your voice is the energetic frequency for every physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma you’ve ever experienced. 

After identifying the anomalies in your voice, the EVOX balances and restores your energetic frequencies through a biofeedback mechanism.  From severe depression to PTSD to insomnia to migraines to ADHD to much more, many clients experience
life-altering healings with the EVOX.

The Results will Make You Smile        
After one EVOX session I knew my life
would never be the same again.
I immediately flew over hurdles
that seemed impossible obstacles before!
Darcy L. from Indianapolis, Indiana

I was beyond stuck in my life and was
mostly hopeless about getting out of my rut.
I don’t know how the EVOX works,
I only know that it radically changed my world.
It has enabled me to rediscover
my healthy mind and my center.
Edward D. from Ellettsville, Indiana

Because of my trust in Syndee I decided to do EVOX therapy.
It is truly revolutionary!
I could have stopped after my first two sessions
because the results far exceeded my expectations. 
But, I chose to do more sessions to transform
any remnants of any limited thinking
hanging out in any of my internal closets!
Peggy D. from Noblesville, Indiana


LSA Pro and Asyra Pro
Your Cells and Your Body,
Your Heart and Your Life
...deeply and naturally from the inside out…

As of 01/01/10 Syndee has a FULL load in this department of her work.
Until further notice, she is unable to accept any new clients in this area.
Please contact her if you wish to be put on her waiting list.

A Special Congratulations to You!

You have sought information with the potentia1 to catapult you into a wonderful, life-altering healing adventure. The Optimal Health Assessment with the Asyra Pro or the LSA Pro is designed to discover and address the root causes of your emotional and/or physical challenges.  

YOU are Entitled to Peace and RADIANT Health

A challenge many of us face is that we do not have the information, knowledge, or support we need to make the wisest decisions for our bodies and our health. This is why the Optimal Health Assessment is a special, unique healing opportunity that gently and effectively responds to the innate wisdom of your body. It will support you in your goal of achieving happiness and your best possible health.

I am passionate about healing and the emerging and exciting field of “energy medicine.” Without doubt I believe each of us has the potential to deeply and naturally heal from the inside out of any emotional or physical challenge.

Healing is about Understanding
The Root Causes of Your Symptoms

Two of the tools I utilize to assist me in learning valuable information about our bodies are state-of-the-art, FDA-approved Electro Dermal Screening devices called the Asyra Pro and the LSA Pro. These technologies are designed to read energy frequencies, detect imbalances, and facilitate the restoration of balance in the body. The information these tools impart to you is simply information.
You can then make intelligent decisions about
your health and the changes you need to make
to achieve your optimal health.

Other adjunct healing therapies available to assist you in claiming health and happiness in your body and in your heart include: laser and infrared detoxification, herbs, homeopathy, body cell nutrition, and other health aides.
My expertise, combined with cutting edge technology, enables me to present useful information about what your symptoms are trying to tell you about your body’s needs.

With this Information,
The BEST Choices for YOUR Health.

What can I say? 
My body represents a healing miracle. 
I came to Syndee VERY sick in late 2008
with  anxiety, heart issues, fibromyalgia, and
had just been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. 
Less than a year later I have my life back and
am free of ALL pain and ALL Lyme symptoms!
Alicia B. from Carmel, Indiana


Other Services

Herbs and Homeopathy: For balancing root problems.
EDS / LED / Detoxification Therapies: These tools teach
you more about your body than you’ve ever known.
Nutritional and Body Cell Advising: You are what you eat!
Nature Therapies: Reconnect with your ancient wisdom.
Breathwork: Heal your heart and body through your breath.
Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy: I have a large
collection of bowls that balance chakras and energy.
Weddings: I have a passion for creating sacred ceremonies.
Reiki: Reiki Master since 1989.


*Important Note*
I am not a psychotherapist and I am not a medical doctor.
I do not treat nor do I diagnose any physical or psychological condition.
What I “treat” is pain, frustration, and hopelessness.
What I “offer” is Love, healing, compassion, and a new vision.

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